About Me - Topher's Life
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About Me


Well… My name is Topher. It’s pronounced “Toefer”. I currently live in Southern California. I am a web and graphic designer. My official work title is Creative Design Director, but my unofficial work title should be coffee connoisseur. I am no one important or special. I’m not trying to be famous, I just want to keep it real. I’m just a regular guy who has gone through so much in the last few years, but I want to use my story to encourage others to live their purpose, mend the broken pieces together, discover their identity, facing their challenge, and learning from self-reflection.


We have all experienced difficult moments in our lives feeling like there is no way out or getting through those tough times. I want to encourage you to take each day as it passes by and look for the positives in life. I’ve learned that every negative situation could always be worse. Be thankful for the little things you still have, whether its life, health, family, your dog, just be thankful. Sometimes you may want to give up but giving up should not be an option! Keep fighting, pushing through, persevering, and staying above whatever is trying to take you down. I know it is easier said than done but it is possible. These times are made to shape your character and build you up to become stronger than ever. When I reflect back on my life and those dark moments, I see the transformation of my character and who I am today.

The purpose of my blog is to be a voice of hope to those who just feel defeated and want to give up. I may not be able to sympathize to every situation, but I know I can empathize with everyone. I’ve seen the other side of life that has changed my perspective. Sometimes our perspectives can be single-sided, never considering or thinking of others and what they are going through. When I hit rock bottom, I thought my life was over. It was dark, painful, and lonely but it gave me a chance to self-reflect and build myself up. Rock bottom may seem like the end, but that rock can be turned into soil used for growth and a new life. I have a story to share. I will be open and transparent. I do hope that my blog will encourage someone. Just remember, you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Life on the Daily

I write about my life and the ups and downs I face. I try to look for the positives in every negative situation. My hope is to encourage others who may be facing a hard time and feeling like they’re alone. We all may face different trials but we all can use some encouragement through those trying times.

Sound Wisdom

No one can control your emotions, only you have that power and choice.

Thoughts come in two forms: negaitive and positive. Take hold, eat and allow the positive thoughts to take root. Dispose the negatives and do not allow them to take root.