My Dreams - Topher's Life
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My Dreams

Life never seems to go the way I expect. I’ve planned my life to be easy and simple. The reality that life sometimes doesn’t go as planned can be devastating. At the moment, my dreams are shattered and seem near impossible to piece back together. I’ve had many aspiring hopes of making a great career for myself. But, was that actually what I wanted to do? Or was that part of the American culture influencing me to become something I really didn’t want to do? Simply put, I was one of those individuals who had no clue what to do in life. However, I proceeded with an education and spent thousands of dollars just so my dreams and hopes of becoming something great have quickly vanished into a million broken pieces.

Sometimes I think how my life could have turned out differently if I lived in New York City (as planned) or if I never attended a religious system. Or if I was in a stable home instead of a dysfunctional home. Yes, my dreams may seem like they will be forever changed but that doesn’t mean I just give up. Giving up is a choice. No matter how many times I want to give up, I CHOOSE not to give in. Instead, I make new plans and live those dreams out that are way better than the original plans I once had. For example, I wanted to be an executive in a large company. I started working in corporate finance. I tried to help the company grow or look for better ways to enhance the company, but I was “the young guy” and had years to learn. All that is in the past. Now, I learned a new trade that I get to use my creative side to help companies grow. I may not be an executive, but I own my own company now. It’s not global, but I’d rather be the boss than work for some other company I would never own.

“Picking up the pieces of a shattered dream is better than having no pieces to pick up at all.”

– Matshona Dhliwayo

My dreams my have been shattered, but the bright side is, I get to piece them back together again. If i wasn’t given the opportunity to have them shattered, I would be stuck in a place that would have kept me from living my full potential. Yes,I was devistated when my plans were interrupted, but I learned so much about myself, my ambitions, my dreams, and now, I vow to piece those dreams back together but with a different outcome than before.