My Purpose? - Topher's Life
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My Purpose?

I’m sure everyone usually asks themselves at one point or another “What is my purpose in life?” I don’t recall asking myself that question or even paying any attention to my “purpose”. I lived life according to what my influential surrounding environment showed me was the “correct way” to living your dreams and purpose out. I’m at a road block in life trying to figure out what my purpose in this life is all about. As I mentioned, a few years ago I thought I knew my life’s purpose. It pretty much looked like this: graduated high school; went to college and received a degree; nice job; moved out from home; purchased my dream car; and all I needed next was to find a suitable mate and do the family thing. Even through fulfilling my life’s purpose, I still felt empty and lost inside. So, I couldn’t grasp the understanding of what my purpose was supposed to be.

Even to this day I don’t know exactly what my purpose is, but I am learning more about myself every day. As I spend my days searching for the complete picture of what that purpose looks like, I am learning that my purpose is not just a single purpose but a purpose that consist of a plethora of purposes. Each day brings a whole new purpose. A purpose that loves, heals, forgives, cherishes, remorse’s, reflects, blesses, encourages, moves forward, and so much more. Discovering that purpose is a growing process only obtained through understanding, insight, knowledge, and wisdom.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

– Robert Bryne

We are all individuals with many paths on this journey we call life, yet we are integrated as a complete whole. We have the power to influence each other’s purposes, both good and bad. So how we respond to an individual can have positive or negative consequences, I believe, for both parties. Even through the negative consequences I’ve encountered over the years, I am able to reflect back and correct my actions to better serve my purpose to love, forgive, trust, encourage uplift, and whatever it takes to help someone that may need to see their purpose. 

What if our minds are cluttered with negativity? We are all on different journeys through life but we all have endured some negativity in our lives. That negativity may feel like being imprisoned at times keeping you isolated and trapped from using your full potential. The key is to push past through that negativity and remind yourself that it is only temporary. When we finally fight through and endure, we can see the purpose of navigating through that negativity. In my life, the negativity helps me to become stronger, tougher, resilient, compassionate, loving, and forgiving. This will then allow me to better serve my everyday purpose of loving, forgiving, helping, giving, encouraging, and so much more.


What is your purpose?