My Rejuvination - Topher's Life
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My Rejuvination

When a person makes a mistake in life, should that person be given a second chance? I use to think people don’t deserve a second chance, especially after committing an offense that caused much grief and pain. Perhaps my unforgiveness didn’t allow me to give an individual a second chance. A second chance isn’t to prove anything. It’s to show complete growth and change of one’s character. Everyone deserves a second chance and those who have desired for second chances should be the first ones to offer that chance.

I’ve been given a second chance to life. A chance to become a wholly new individual. Reflecting on past mistakes and learning from them has helped me accept my flaws and become a new individual. With this second chance, I feel like I’m a new person; new perspectives, new emotions, new beliefs, completely transformed for the better. The power to accept the second chance was in my hand and I chose to take the chance. I could have denied the offer and continue with my old self.

“Sometimes, you have to look back [reflection] in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”

– Yvonne Woon

Rejuvenation is a time for learning, a time for healing and a time for reflecting. Learning from our mistakes helps us to understand what damage was done, not just between the offender and the offended, but the whole community. We can recognize triggers or emotional events that led up to committing our mistakes. Healing has no time frame. Some of us can heal in a few days to a few years. Healing is so vital to overcome such hurt and pain. The essential key is learning to forgive yourself to fully be healed mind, body, and soul. Lastly, Reflection allows us to visit the choices we made and remind our present self to continue with making healthy positive choices.

A healthy positive choice of forgiving a person and giving them a second chance can be given and extended by you. I could choose to hang on to the hurt and pain, but why be imprisoned with thoughts of hurt and anger? I’d rather be free to live and enjoy my life. For some of us it’s not easy but can be accomplished. Besides, I’ve been given a second chance and I want to extend that chance to others.