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The Past

The Past

“Study the past if you would define the future.” We all come from different walks of life. Some of us have had great experiences and some of us have had some experiences that don’t seem fair to have encountered. We really don’t know how hectic someone’s life is until we get to know them. Many of us are not comfortable opening up and confiding to another person because of the fear of what the other person is going to think and or say. When we are able to open up and confide in someone, you realize that you’re not alone in the pain you’ve experienced.

Sometimes we experience traumatic events in our lives or grew up in a dysfunctional family and we have made choices in life based off the effects of the past. Do we have a right to blame our parents, our traumatizing events for our current life situations? Well, we can but we still are responsible for what we choose to do in the present.

I recently had a conversation with someone and he wanted to have a “therapy session”. I’m not a licensed therapist but I have had numerous therapy sessions in the last six years and I have abundant amount of wisdom. Anyways, this person opened up about some unfortunate events he experienced when he was a child. He had so much anger and hurt he has allowed to build up for more than 30 years. I wanted him to feel comfortable talking about it because he need to feel safe and not feel judged. I encouraged him to come to a place to recognize everything he has gone through and see how all the decisions he has made have been due to his past. I encouraged him to forgive all those who may have hurt him and no longer allow his past to hold him hostage. Don’t give these people the power to have control over you. If you are blaming them for everything you are going through, stop. Take responsibility and control over your life and start making choices that will determine your future in the way you want it to proceed.

See, we can get caught up in the past and not realize that we are making choices based upon our past events. I had a hard time moving forward without the what ifs and faulting those whom hurt me. When I finally realized I was living in the past and it was taking so much energy out of me I decided to let the past go. I accepted what occurred because people don’t know better. People make mistakes and I need to be able to forgive them and accept their errors. I decided that I can make choices based upon the present and take control of my life and my journey through life.

The past is a past for a reason. No one can go back and change anything that has occurred. We can only reflect and make changes to the future. We can change who we are. We can change our current circumstances. We can make our life worth living. It is up to you to make that call. Those of you having trouble letting go of your past I encourage you to move forward. It won’t be done in one night. It will take time. It will take healing. Don’t give up or be afraid of the challenge. Face it with full charge and see the victory in the end.

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” – R. Warren

Thank you for reading. Stay strong! Stay Positive!

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